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Science in Vedas [link] - Agniveer

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Einstein had the right idea by giving us the laws of physics. I dont think he ever meant for us to assume anything else would be impossible. Science and the general thought process nowadays is making learning, adapting, changing and generally "evolving" as a person, an incredibly difficult and frustrating task. If we were to drop this arrogant attitude of being far smarter than any previous occupier of earth, due to the fact that we are newer here, we could go far.

The Ancient Americas (2) - David Pratt

I think anything is possible, but I think anyone who thinks that we know everything about our own past, our own history is fooling themselves, there is so much to know, the arrogance of anyone who thinks that we are the pinnacle of creation is unbelievable, I think that these people should crawl back under the rock from where they came. It has been proven over and over, that we don't know everything, that will be mankinds downfall, our own arrogance.

Energy and the Human Journey: Where We Have Been;

Brahmans and Aranyaks explain Vedas and are not Vedas themselves. Simple way to test this is that there are traditions of Paatha Vidhi for Vedas and not Brahmans and Aranyaks. Further only Vedas have maatra signs over them. Thirdly Vedas do not have any history as in these other texts. All scholars know that when Vedas are said, it implies Veda Samhitas. However when comprehensive study of Vedas is to be conveyed, these other texts are included because of their usefulness in understanding the Vedas.

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Great Idea. Sanskrit should definitely be promoted. It is a wonderful language. I always had an inclination towards this poetic language, but unfortunately could not find the 8775 true 8776 master who could guide me, I had to manage with the school teachers who were more eager in completing the course than dwelling into the realms of this 8775 classical 8776 language. Instead of developing love for the language these teachers ended up instilling fear in their pupil. And once into my profession, I lost all touch with this Queen of Languages. I hope my children are initiated into Sanskrit right from the beginning. What we need is 8775 appropriate 8776 masters and a sense of respect towards the language.

WELL still they got loads to learn from the roots man. SO Until they stop ruining and listen, the destruction & raping of mother earth shall continue for the survival of white mans race.. For he fears of its kind dying faster.

According to ancient alien theorists, extraterrestrials with superior knowledge of science and engineering landed on Earth thousands of years ago, sharing their expertise with early civilizations and forever changing the course of human history. But how did this concept develop, and is there any evidence to support it?

Some of these have been proven to be hoaxes, but the Piri Reis map is not. It has a lot of detail for a map made in its time.

“The ancient Hindus could navigate the air, and not only navigate it but fight battles in it like so many war-eagles, combating for the domination of the clouds. To be so perfect in aeronautics they must have known all the arts and sciences relating to the science, including the strata and currents of the atmosphere, the relative temperature, humidity, density and specific gravity of the various gases…..” – Col. Olcott in a lecture in Allahabad in 6886.

Sure many of it can be dismissed and/or refuted, but still there is enough left to make one wonder about the ways of ancient humanity. One thing I know for sure though - the ancient history we got taught in school is not the end of the story - nor was it the beginning!

This doesn’t even come close to producing the other amazing effects of the shroud image including the xray qualities of the hand and parts of the skull.

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