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How can you say it''s morally wrong to install spyware on a phone? Is it morally wrong to cheat on your spouse? Yes! What''s good for the goose is good for the gander. I don''t buy what you''re saying, if someone is cheating on their spouse then they have no grounds to complain if their phone has spyware.

16 secret WhatsApp features that everyone should know about

The game is designed for widescreen monitors 6555 765 775, but will work in any resolution, there may be black bars on smaller resolution screens that are not widescreen. Press F to toggle full screen, more info in Help.

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Using the Facial Profiler, you can either upload a picture of yourself from your computer or take a snapshot using your webcam. Then after aligning the picture to an outline and marking your eye placement with the built-in editor, the program goes to work. It compares your image to others submitted in the application 8767 s database and uses similar software used by law-enforcement to quickly come up with a match. Then you have the option to contact your match on Facebook.

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Flexible preferences enable you to set up cross-device sync, push notifications, and to export data - and reminding users to refill will be a real help too.

"If you’re already thinking about doing this, you’ve probably already ethically justified the practice in your head. Whatever your reasoning for doing so, it’s always worth considering how you would feel if someone did the same to you".

Actually that''s very interesting, and while it''s a bit of a leap away from the article subject I have also heard similar things. Particularly about Huawei, a Chinese government-owned (or part-owned, at least) telecommunications giant who are probably most famous for their cheapo Android smartphones.

Our only criticism is the app''s fairly low-res output, making Prisma pics only suitable for screen use - but it''s a real must-have.

Effects lurk at the foot of the screen tap one and a performance space slides in, covering half the screen, ready for you to stutter and filter your masterpiece.

Google Earth simply gives you our planet in the palm of your hand, and encourages you to explore. You can manually rotate and search for specific locations, or take your chances with the dice icon, to check out somewhere random.

The theory is that Infinite Music figures out the dynamics of songs and then has everything flow together, potentially forever. And sometimes it works. Often, though, it&rsquo s more akin to a hyperactive DJ with no attention span over-excitedly live remixing your music collection.

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