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Cancer Man and Sagittarius Woman Love Compatibility | Ask

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The tender-hearted trait that's so prominent in Cancer is often misunderstood by other zodiac signs. To complicate matters, Cancers find it difficult to communicate what they're feeling because they shut down all emotional responses when hurt. Most of the time, they seem emotionally immature when compared to other signs. While this might be true in some cases, most of the time it's simply that they have a uniquely receptive nature.

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If you ever fall from Cancer's good graces, you may never be forgiven. You may not even know what you said or did, but one thing is certain when that door slams behind you, it will likely never be opened again. You could spend years replaying your last conversation in an effort to understand what went wrong. Don't bother. You can never unravel the complexity of Cancer's emotional makeup.

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( He 8767 s very upset with me coming to his town but not seeing him..
I do come there for work, when I called him once while there, he seemed overwhelmed & not enthusiastic enough, so I stopped calling & waited for him to come to my town.. its all my pride I know..:(

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I 8767 m with a stubborn cancer man. He is a total ass hole and never shares his feelings. I 8767 m also a sagittarius that becomes upset when alone. I day dream about being independent but I have too many anxieties. He always calls me too needy and wants me to leave him alone what do I do!?

Its a learning experience. The foundation and true support I feel, allows me to overlook certain flaws. I try to concentrate on the fact that everyone is not me and every one is not perfect. I 8767 m loved and secure, respected and cared for and for that reason everything will be fine.

When comparing pros and cons there are a lot of pros that outweigh the cons. He 8767 s outgoing, loyal, protective. I think this type of match is a huge rollercoaster and will have fire works most definitely. Sometimes I also feel a little uneasy because I like to voice my opinion and blurt out my feelings, whereas he 8767 s quiet and slow in his actions. Ive had to learn this because I would get mad and say anything out my mouth not understanding his shell. Both the Leo women and the Cancer man have their issues. Both can be easily hurt if you 8767 re not careful.

It's no surprise Cancers are very attached to their homes. Like hermit crabs, they cannot survive without a home to call their own. It keeps them grounded and makes them feel safe. Cancers will spend a lot of money decorating their homes and filling them with all the things that give them comfort and make them feel secure.

he likes new things. teach him things that he doesn't know. itll be like the first time you introduce crayons to babies. his eyes gona glow. in sex, get a kamasutra sex position book. hahaha.. he'll love it. mine soon gona be the best sex ever, its on the way, and getting better each time.

I 8767 ve known my Gemini for over 75 yes. We have been together just for a few days off and on believing his ex best friend that he was with other woman. Geez was I wrong. He lives in another state and we talk for hours. We won 8767 t loose each other this time.

Forgiving for everything is not good, you need to hold your ground, guys want what they cannot have. They will never admit how much they think about women. I have to tell you that most men want sex, and they can SEE RED until they get it. They will flirt, they will play with you, but the man has to be sure, or he will not commit. When a man is dedicated to you, you know it.

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