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Дата публикации: 2017-12-07 13:48

Look, I’m not going to sugar coat this: There was no good thing about any of my miscarriages. And most people didn’t have any good things to say about it either, like, “At least you can get pregnant.” (Thanks a lot).

Catch Up on Game of Thrones Before the Season 7 Premiere

Maybe you’ve never seen Game of Thrones but for some reason decided the final season of the show is the best time to get in on it. Or maybe you’ve been invited to a premiere party and you’d just like to kind-of know what’s going on so it’s not super boring for you. Don’t worry, you don’t have to feel left out this Sunday.


But maybe the one good thing that can come out of this is that I suffered through indecision and different procedures so you don’t have to. Hopefully you can get through the physical part, so you’ll be free to focus on emotional healing and hopefully, get started trying again.

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In fact, I’m such a fan of this method that by my 9th—and final—miscarriage—I scheduled it right away so I could make sure not to lose my chance to test the products.

There are many ways to lose a pregnancy—from the traditional bleeding in the toilet, to a missed miscarriage where you don’t even know that you miscarried, to a blighted ovum where the baby never started growing at all, to an ectopic pregnancy, where the fetus implanted in the wrong place. I’ve had most of them—they all suck, let me tell you—and I’ve learned the important ways to deal with a miscarriage.

There is a pill that can help the miscarriage proceed faster—especially if it already started. Misoprostol, which induces labor (and for miscarriages is often given together with Mifepristone) also can be messy and from what I’ve heard, extremely painful. I was advised not to use this because you often end up in surgery anyway (see #8).

This means you just let nature take its course. You wait for the bleeding to start and for the pregnancy to pass. For very early pregnancies, like chemical pregnancies which never registered a heartbeat, this is often the recommended route. My very first miscarriage—where I didn’t really know I was pregnant until the prior day—passed this way, and it felt like a really late period. (Had I not taken three pregnancy tests, that’s what I would have assumed it was.)

As you can see from my previous two conclusions, I am a big fan of the surgical procedure to terminate a failed pregnancy, specifically the D& C. I am not a doctor, so I can’t give any medical advice except to tell you there are risks to every surgery.

But as a patient, by my third miscarriage, I preferred this method of removing the contents of the uterus, usually under general anesthesia. (There is a surgical procedure called “aspiration” which involves a vacuum and no general, but I found it awful to be awake, making conversation and watching everything happening.) An ectopic pregnancy must be surgically removed.

First, watch some good recap videos that give you a quick explanation of the plot thus far. This rundown from the folks at GamesRadar covers the major plot points, is entertaining, and only takes about 65 minutes:

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