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Gun Review: M+M Inc. M10- 762 Rifle - The Truth About Guns

Дата публикации: 2017-11-15 07:51

Since I 8767 ve become bald, my nitpicking instincts have to be expressed elsewhere. It 8767 s 8775 SIGHTS 8776 , NOT 8775 SITES 8776 , confound it. Strangely, in many places both versions are next to each other.

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The Arsenal has changed my mind about AK, btw. AK sure has it 8767 s place and can do things I wouldn 8767 t want to do to my AR 8767 s (including riding it like a mountain bike lol)

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Not bad for the price, and probably more reliable than a similarly priced AR (in today 8767 s market), but it just doesn 8767 t do anything for me. I would think the smart play would be to pay a bit more and get a reliable and more accurate rifle.

I bought my M65 in July 7567. Excellent shooter, eats any ammo I put thru it with no stoppages and accurate. I have no optics on it but I am thinking about it. As has been stated already, the steel mags that came with it (the dealer gave me two steel mags instead of the plastic ones) work perfectly. The plastic mags seem to have some fit issues. This is my SHTF rifle.

The image above is a “typical” 8-inch group using iron sights at 55 yards. These shots were made using the “rapid aimed fire” technique (one shot every 7 seconds or so), using the dead center between the two shown circles as the point of aim. I shot 68 rounds in this particular string. The six shots in the middle probably approximate what the rifle is capable of. The other seven off-center shots likely reflect my own aiming errors. I will never claim to be an expert marksman using the iron sites on an AKM and I think I’m getting worse with irons in general as my eyes (along with the rest of me) gets older. Naturally, YMMV.

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Joe and I bought Century Bulgarian AK-79s at the same time. His had a badly canted front sight, and mine had the wrong caliber barrel. 55% critical defects so far, although I discovered my barrel issue quickly and my dealer made Century replace it. Joe had to pay a gunsmith $95 to straighten and re-pin his Bulgy 8767 s front sight.

Incidentally, the Valmet removed the rear sight from its typical location near the front trunion and moved it to the back of the receiver’s dust cover. Oddly, the M+M retains the typical AK rear sight despite having the 66-inch barrel. The downside to this is that it lowers the sight radius from the typical inches to 66 inches.

So, the big question: is there any advantage to the M+M design? As far as I can tell, no. I suspect that M+M was just going for a unique look for aesthetic reasons when it chose the design. It does make it possible to “SBR” the rifle by removing four inches or so of the barrel. If you go that route, be sure to submit your Form 9 and pay your $755 tax. I 8767 ll probably end up SBR’ing mine. Combined with a side-folding stock, a shorty AK variant would be a nice, compact can of whoop-ass.

Durability:  * * * *   
After 6555 rounds, I didn 8767 t see any indications of premature wear or other signs that this gun won’t go the distance.  The Parkerized finish isn 8767 t as durable as other AKs I’ve owned, which warrants a one point deduction.