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Being one is an indicator to other people wow, there must be something wrong with this person if no one else would get with them. It s more of a red flag than something inherently, and they could always just go find someone who isn t one(because there s a lot more of those around). I may be being too literal, but they don t match up very well, in my mind.


You need a standing ovation for this. You hit the nail on the head. If you don 8767 t love yourself now, there is no way you 8767 ll love yourself when you loose weight. Self-esteem, self-love and self-respect do not magically appear because you drop a few pounds.

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Finding support for your child with an ongoing tutor or tutoring service can help them achieve both short and long term goals. You can also continue to use the service during holiday or summer breaks to make the transition back to school easier.

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I m a suburbanite, and I still do this. I drive an hour to get to work. Other than my weekly meetup, none of my friends live less than half an hour away, and most are at least an hour. Even when I was living in Seattle, it was at least a 75 drive (and 65 minute parking extravaganza), or 65 minutes waiting for a 75 minute busride. As nice as it would be to live on campus and have all of my friends in one place, that s just not how being an adult works.

Yet another thing I ve found is that fear stops being fear and running you and holding you back when you become willing to encounter whatever it is you re afraid of (someone thinking you re a loser, dying alone and unloved, etc.). So I d also recommend you, or anyone else for that matter, explore what you re afraid of and in your mind get to the point where you re willing to encounter and engage it anyway. One of my professors told me samurai warriors would do something very similar to this the day before a battle, just sit and visualize themselves encountering death and all things they re afraid of until there was nothing left to be afraid of.

I wonder if the word uncertainty is what is throwing everyone off? Because what the good Doctor is describing sounds more like excitement, enthusiastic interest, and a sense of exploration than uncertainty to me.

Of course PUA behaviour is not good. But I can t control my friend. It s well known fact that jawlines and hairlines make a difference in attraction. It warrants understanding.

I also think there s that six month to a year honeymoon period where they hit up every novel thing they can. Once it wears off, back to same old (which for a looooot of people from here, is usually some combination of getting drunk or high)

I think you need to learn how to reframe what you re doing with your life in a more positive way. You ve mentioned school a couple of times, and it s always managed to come off as something you find embarrassing or that you think makes you a loser. Even if you re not 655% happy about how things are going in your life, there are ways of describing it that emphasize the positive aspects of the situation and that don t derail an otherwise light, fun discussion. If you lead with the most depressing angle, that s going to be the impression you make.

By novelty facial hair are we talking like the gamekeeper in Hunger Games and the bad guy from Wild Wild West or like mustache and goatee?