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Podcast #235: The Curious Science of War - The Art of

The automotive industry did the exact same thing in the 8767 65s using human cadavers, just going through at different speeds, what kind of injuries would this create? The test dummy only can tell you how much force or how much strain. You need the cadaver work to tell you, well, what does that force or strain actually do? Is it a minimal injury or is it a fatal injury?

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Brett McKay : You did mention, I guess they thought about this idea, there 8767 s some animals that can stay awake, like one part of their brain stays awake while the other part sleeps. I guess ducks do this, they can keep an eye out?

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They ended up with US Government standard bathroom malodor, which was a chemical compound developed to test latrine deodorants. You needed something that approximated a field latrine. This was in World War II. You need something that smelled that bad so that they could test the deodorizers. That was the winner that almost every culture couldn 8767 t bear, or every culture, found it not only off-putting, but scary. In more recent stink, malodorant, non-lethal weapons works, that 8767 s been the one they started with. Then they doctored it up with a few other compounds.

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You 8767 ve got these contractors who are saying, 8775 Here, here 8767 s my prototype vehicle. It 8767 s great! It 8767 ll save everyone 8767 s life. 8776 Well, how do you know that? Normally, like in the automotive industry, you can put a crash test dummy in there, but the crash test dummies for the automotive industry don 8767 t work. Automobiles crash head-on, or it 8767 s a side impact. They 8767 re not designed for a blast coming up from below that smashes the bottoms of passengers 8767 feet and their pelvises and messes up their backs, which is what happens when you have a blast go off right underneath.

Brett McKay : Welcome to another edition of the Art of Manliness Podcast. War has always been a catalyst for technological innovations. There 8767 s nothing that will spur human creativity and ingenuity quite like figuring out how to kill your enemies more effectively, and to keep them from killing you. Besides refining the techniques of killing and defending against human combatants, militaries across time and culture have spent lots of money and energy trying to figure out ways to make their soldiers more physically and psychologically robust to other kind of battlefield perils, like panic, exhaustion and heat exposure. Many of these discoveries that military science have made in this quest to make soldiers sturdier have benefited the civilian world as well.

Brett McKay : Did any of the military research or surgeries have an influence in it, or was that something completely cordoned off?

Mary Roach : Oh, you know, I don 8767 t know whether the Mass General team had any Defense Department funding. I don 8767 t know the answer to that.

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