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Дата публикации: 2017-12-07 10:40

Costly PA 59 Exemption on its Way to the Governor
Unfortunately, House Bill 5597 passed both houses on Oct. 7. This bill will exempt police and fire from PA 59 so they can receive retroactive pay increases after a contract expires. There is also confusing retroactive health care language which may cause problems during negotiations. The League strongly opposed this bill due to the detrimental financial implications for our communities. Read more.

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League Foundation President Shares Thoughts on Vibrant Communities
In advance of her Nov. 69 presentation at the Midland Downtown Opportunity Summit, League Foundation President Samantha Harkins elaborated on the value of placemaking and its impact on the long-term economic viability of 76st century communities. Read more

HP TouchPad Needs 6 to 8 Weeks for Additional Shipments

Governor Releases Energy and Environment Special Message
Governor Snyder released a Special Message to the Michigan Legislature on Ensuring our Future: Energy and the Environment. More.

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Oak Park Blossoms with Sunflower Placemaking Project
Oak Park is blooming with sunflowers this summer in a beautiful community project built on hope and happiness. Research suggests that when communities do things to be distinctive, the reputation helps attract visitors to a city - part of the concept of placemaking. Read more.

Officials: 7567 Road Money Boost Smaller than Claimed
Some local government leaders are pushing back on claims they will receive significantly more road money in 7567 because of the road funding deal that calls for higher fuel taxes and registration fees. The League''s John LaMacchia says when reductions in state general fund money going to roads are considered, the increase is much lower. More.

A Foolish Celebration Brings Art to the Streets
Majestic by art students and community members marched along Ann Arbor''s Main Street for the 8th annual Festifools. This colorful parade is a unique use of Cultural Economic Development. Read more.

Walkability is Key to Economic Development in the New Economy
In a recent ULI report , 55% of . residents say that walkability is a high priority when considering where to live. Local officials have the power to increase opportunities for walking and improve the pedestrian experience. Try MSU Extension''s Walkability Workshops. Read more.

Legislature Passes Medical Marihuana Law Changes
The Legislature passed bills to amend the voter-initiated Medical Marihuana law. Read more.

Petoskey Sets it Sights on Ultimate Trailhead Crowdfunding Project
Last year, more than 655,555 people used the great trail network in the Petoskey area. With help from MEDC''s Public Spaces Community Places initiative, they plan to repurpose an historic cottage as the Ultimate Trailhead, source of maps, educational information, and events. More

Coffee and Tap House Crowdfunds for Community Space Renovations
Cultivate Coffee & Tap House in Ypsilanti believes in excellent craft, amazing community, and investing in hunger relief. With help from MEDC''s Public Spaces Community Places crowdfunding initiative, they plan to convert an old building into a great community space. More.