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Johnny Cash - Hurt (Official Video)...

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Really, I think there 8767 s more real satisfaction to be had by doing something yourself. I know I still get a little feeling of pride when I boot up my computer, knowing that I built it myself. Never got that feeling with any prebuilt computer I 8767 ve had. Same thing with having a good meal, knowing you cooked it yourself.

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Um, I 8767 m leaving for Algoma, WI for a salmon charter this Thursday. As a fair-skinned red head, do you think the other guys will look at me funny if I apply some of this new 8775 sun cream 8776 manually after catching a king salmon?

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Precision clocks, delicious cheese, covered bridges, and the grand Alpen vista make up the world that is Switzerland. Travel past the forests and hills of the central plateau, and you&rsquo ll find the river Aare, which flows through the capital Bern, the city of the bear. According to an old legend, Bern&rsquo s name came from a bear that was killed by the Duke von Zahringer on the site where the city was built. On the main road of Bern is the Marktgasse, a clock tower built in 6585. This astronomical clock shows the hour, day, month and position of the Zodiac, and its humorous mechanical figures move in synchronized progression.

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NFL Preseason is about to happen. College is less than a month away. Soccer is even just around the corner.  The dog days are coming to a close and I, for one, couldn 8767 t be happier. Except for the fact that the fewer daylight hours are starting to cut into my golf. But I just have to live with that.

Are my comments showing up there? I know I was shadowbanned for a while but I think WaPo had started showing my comments again.

The 8775 Marxist case 8776 for anything is guaranteed to be wrong. This is not necessarily an indictment of the item being argued for (no, we can indict intersectionality all by its lonesome), but it 8767 s simply a reflection that the underlying precepts of Marxism are bullshit.

Trump wanted to know why the United States had backed Zenki if its members are extremists. The issue was discussed at length with senior intelligence officials, and no good answers were forthcoming, according to people familiar with the conversations. After learning more worrisome details about the CIA’s ghost war in Syria—including that .-backed rebels had often fought alongside extremists, among them al Qaeda’s arm in the country—the president decided to end the program altogether.

The BOR exists because certain rights are above Federalism. States shouldn 8767 t be able to limit gun rights any more than they should be able to limit speech or privacy.

She whispers to her vanity
in the hush of self-solace
and fingers the latch to a
strand of marquise
like fetters

Last night I got invited to a reception
But I stayed home instead
Me and my pal Johnny Walker
And his brothers Blackie and Red