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We lived in Houston for several years and loved it. Austin is awesome spent a lot of time there. You will love it! Someone mentioned property tax: yes, it 8767 s high but I did notice it varied by area so maybe you 8767 ll find the right fit if you decide to buy. Good luck!!!

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You are not the only one to leave California because of the high taxes and the state being unfriendly to business. U ahve had many firends tell me they have left because of the high taxes and high unemployment rate.

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Texas can 8767 t wait to have you! As a native, I may be a little biased, but I think you made a good choice 🙂 Hope to see you at an event or two in the spring!

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Fortunately, you 8767 re moving from California. That being the case, you really don 8767 t have to think too hard. The answer is: anywhere. Anywhere is an improvement on California, so unless you 8767 re specifically making a move to enhance your business, you should move wherever you like (after due diligence, of course).

One thing about military expenditures while we could (and, probably, would!) argue all day about how the military should or should not be used, it is one of the FEW things that the government spends money on for which the Constitution specifically allows. Get rid of all of the other crap that the Feds were never MEANT to fund (nationalized health programs anyone?!), and you won 8767 t even NOTICE what the military spends.

A priest told me that it 8767 s just a matter of that people needing to believe that someone exists, and in fact they feel better after a pray, even in the world children literally die each second, even when i 8767 m writing this.

Push Comes to Shove
by Wesley Brown
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Give and Take
by Stona Fitch
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Thomas Dunne Books

I have never seen anyone state my position more clearly. No Democrat I know has any sense of how a business should be run, and no Republican has the combination of economic common sense AND compassion to suit me. Republicans believe in survival of the fittest and economic Darwinism, but they can 8767 t seem to wrap their heads around the fact that this world is older than 65,555 years. And they also believe that gay people actually choose to be gay.

We all cheered when we crossed the state line for the last time as residents and brought our cash, income, and taxes with us.

Because of California 8767 s overly income-progressive Personal Income Tax (PIT), it takes only a small change in demographics by upper-income earners before California suffers a catastrophic change in tax revenues. Roughly half the state 8767 s income tax revenues comes from only about 785,555 taxpayers.
http://?/7559/57/oppress?ive-progressive-income-tax ?.html

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