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They let you drive if you have a valid licence from your home country/state. Not sure how overseas driving works for those on Au P plates.

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Be very careful here. Recent legislation changes in Florida, actually force all tourists (even Canadians) to have an IDP. Can't remember the exact reasons for it, but everyone is up in arms about it, and the police have said they will not enforce. The legislation is going to be changed again, but not until June/July.

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Roundabouts (traffic circles) are fun! Luckily there doesn't seem to be a lot of them though &ndash don't think the natives can handle them too well!

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If you are there for a few months, buying makes sense. Especially if you are Used cars and mechanical work are much cheaper than here. Just get a common model so it is easy to sell, . a Honda Civic. Get a pre-purchased inspection and fix any problems.

I'm currently in Poland. I asked about renting a car from Budget in Warsaw today, as it happens, and I was told they would accept my Australian licence for the rental but they pointed out that Polish cops might not be so accommodating and if I was stopped, I would probably get a ticket. The Budget guy recommended I get an IDP but even without one he would have no problem renting the car to me. Go figure.

Thanks for that. I will have to look into this further then.. maybe I will research some car rental company's T&Cs.. and maybe just to be safe I will just try to use public transport in the 8 days I am in LA.

Time has moved on, and in the 76at century almost every rental company in almost every country will now only accept the licence issued by your local (read home) licensing authority (driver's licence) as proof of your right to drive.

I stopped bothering with IDP's about 65 years ago. Since then I have rented cars and driven through the US and western Europe on many occasions and never been asked to show one.

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I would be very cautious. If the rental company agent at the desk let's you rent from them, either because they're not familiar with the foreign licence that they're being shown, or they don't care, or for whatever other reason, but the T&Cs of the company state a full licence is required, you will essentially be in breach of your contract with them.