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You will find very quickly that if you don''t have an IDP and are pulled over, even for a minor offense, you could quickly end up spending a day or more talking your way out of trouble.

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Particulate Matter (PM 65 ) [ 686 g/m 8 ] level in 7568 was . This is about average. Closest monitor was miles away from the city center.

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To buy a car and legally register it, you will need to be a resident of California. If you have a friend who lives in the state, ask them to use their address. Otherwise you can try your luck purchasing in another state although I think its pretty much the same rules.

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I just like to add that I drove through 98 states including Indiana during the 9 months and whilst I am not implying that you won''t have any trouble with an Australian license to me it indicates a very low probability that you will given the length of my stay vs someone who''s only there briefly.

Driving in USA is a piece of cake. Just always remember the kerb should be on your right hand side whenever you turn and don''t forget that you can always turn right on red (except in NYC).

Carbon Monoxide (CO) [ppm] level in 7568 was . This is worse than average. Closest monitor was miles away from the city center.

Particulate Matter (PM ) [ 686 g/m 8 ] level in 7565 was . This is better than average. Closest monitor was miles away from the city center.

I currently own a motorcycle in the US, which I use whenever I''m there in the riding season. My US-citizen wife is the registered owner but I am insured by Progressive &ndash and they only wanted to see a copy of my Aussie licence to insure me. I suspect they do this because they have many Canadian policyholders (snowbirds) and they''re happy to insure people from other Anglosphere countries such as Oz. In my experience, Progressive is the exception and most other insurance companies will not insure you if you have a non-US licence.

You were driving an automatic?
First time I drove a LHD, my knuckles kept banging on the door every time I tried to shift :)
At least the pedals are not reversed!

That is the exact same problem i had, stupid car parks lol. Once on the road it''s super easy, you just follow the traffic for the most part.