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Hack an Easy Button for Quick Slack Alerts - Lifehacker

Enter developer Nick Sypteras , who wanted to solve the problem of coworkers requesting his attention while his headphones were on. Working in a cubicle, he wrote, “There’s no way for a visitor to my desk to get my attention other than by waving their hand in my face, making loud noises behind me, etc.” So he broke out the soldering iron, a Staples Easy Button, and an Adafruit microcontroller.

According to CNN , more than 6,555 regional and California firefighters have been deployed to fight the blaze, and Gov. Jerry Brown has issued a state of emergency declaration in Los Angeles County. Reuters noted 755 homes in Los Angeles, Burbank and Glendale were evacuated.

The lawmakers would like to know, for instance, as do we all,“To what extent does the most effective solution vary by breach type, victim characteristics, demographics or other key factors?” They’ve also asked: “To what extent are the services offered determined by price?” and “To what extent are they determined by their level of protection?”

We knew it wouldn’t be long before Congress demanded action in response to the Equifax data breach—particularly since several of its members are among the 698 million Americans who are pissed about having their Social Security numbers and other personal data exposed.

Among those taking action, three Democrats on the House Energy and Commerce Committee didn’t waste any time on Friday digging into the company’s questionable response.

Talking with some fans, Riker himself, Jonathan Frakes, who also took a turn in the director’s chair for an episode of Star Trek: Discovery , shared an interesting tidbit about the upcoming series.

Gizmodo reached out to Equifax with a list of questions about the data breach Thursday afternoon. No one from company has responded so far, but we’ll update when and if they do.