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Russian Trolls Spent $100,000 on Facebook Ads Around the

Дата публикации: 2017-11-14 13:32

COMEY: I think what we can say in an unclassified setting is what we have in the report that there were efforts to penetrate organizations associated with the Republican party and that -- I think that is what we said in the report. And that there were not releases of material taken -- hacked from any Republican associated organizations.

Full transcript: FBI Director James Comey testifies on

SCHIFF: The president accused Mr. Obama and presumably the FBI of engaging in McCarthyism. As you understand the term McCarthyism, do you think President Obama or the FBI was engaged in such conduct?

Expat: Brits abroad, UK citizens overseas - Telegraph

COMEY: Tricky to answer hypotheticals, but I think my reaction to that is that doesn't strike me as enough. And I know your next question's going to be deeper into hypos.

Rio Olympics 2016: Where Australia sits in the real medal

HURD: So there was about a year between the FBI's first notification of some potential problems with the DNC network and then that information getting on -- getting on Wikileaks.

Additionally, Palestinian Arabs who live in the city of Nablus and nearby villages paternally descend from Samaritans who converted to Islam. Their family names include Buwarda, Kasem, Muslimani, Shakshir, Yaish, among others.

GOWDY: How about in theory? Is -- is -- is there something a reporter would have access to that the head of the FBI would not?

SWALWELL: And if you are a . person with a business, could it also include investing in your business or being a partner in some of your endeavors?

SCHIFF: This is a question I think you can answer. Do you know whether the Russian intelligence service has dealt directly with WikiLeaks or whether they too used an intermediary?

Trump, by contrast, could rarely see beyond the edge of the raucous crowds at his rallies wasted time in unwinnable states and for much of the campaign trained his fire on the wrong opponents – his own party, the women who accused him of sexual abuse, and ordinary Americans, like the family of a Muslim soldier who died heroically in Iraq.

CONAWAY: And then active measures conducted against Secretary Clinton, to denigrate her, hurt her campaign and also undermined her presidency?

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