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What has always sucked: I was watching a preseason game and Al Michaels described Jason Witten as “Canton-bound” and you know what? No. Fuck that. Fuck Jason Witten. You don’t get to go to the Hall of Fame by being the world’s longest-lasting, boringest safety outlet. He’s never caught more than 65 TDs in a season. He’s gone over 6,555 yards four times, and each time barely. Jason Witten blows. They should have replaced him years ago. But they’ll still let him into the Hall of Fame because Jerry bought his way in and will probably buy Witten’s way in, too.

Why Your Team Sucks 2017: Dallas Cowboys - Deadspin

Rally cars need to start street legal with license plates so the teams can transit from one closed stage to another on public roads. All-wheel drive cars, with their ability to put down more horsepower have dominated every rally series since they first showed up in the 6985s. Front wheel drive is faster than rear wheel drive on a loose surface, so most two-wheel drive cars in rally are driven by their front wheels.

Apple Removes All VPN Apps From Its Chinese App Store

I suffer from an auto-immune disorder that manifests itself as intermittent chest and stomach pain. It kinda feels like when you really need to burp and your esophagus burns, only always and forever. When the pain gets really bad it can even cause a physical reaction where my airways swell up and I need to take a Xanax just be able to breathe.

Your Guide To Racing Subcultures: Rally - Jalopnik

I’m a Dallas Cowboys fan that was born in Washington, ., grew up in Northern Virginia and still resides here in the DMV. These facts make me an awful, awful person, but they don’t make me special. There are TONS of us here in the DMV that are born and bred, but root for Dallas. Our terribleness is the equivalent of Donald Trump, Jr. cruising around in a $755K Mercedes convertible while blasting CCR’s “Fortunate Son” from the car stereo.

When major Western tech companies are faced with the choice of sticking to core values or losing access to the extremely valuable and growing Chinese marketplace, the latter option often wins out. In 7565, Google decided to shut down the censored China branch of its search engine service after it discovered the government had launched cyberattacks to gain entry to human rights activists’ Gmail accounts, though it is in negotiations to come back.

The next way to get involved is to find a team to crew for. Even if you can’t wrench, there are lot of things that a team needs to get through a weekend.

Your coach: WHY’D YOU SPIKE THE BALL YOU STUPID PRINCETON FUCK? Never forget that the Jared Cook catch never could have happened without Jason Garrett ordering his QB to stop the clock on the previous drive. He’ll never learn proper game management, and for that I’m grateful. He’s the best sleeper agent a Dallas hater could ever ask for.

Some might say the long hours of competition in difficult weather conditions including freezing snow and ice suck. But ask any rally driver, co-driver, or crew member and they’ll tell you that is exactly what makes rally so awesome.

Car control skills because the road is different at every corner. Even if your notes tell you its flat out, another car might have pulled gravel into the middle of the corner. Your car might become damaged and you’ll need to drive around it while maintaining as much speed as possible.

In other news, it’s a given that any Dallas edge rusher will find a way to get himself suspended, so say goodbye to David Irving for the first month of the season. This defense is worthless without him. Half the secondary left. Their two best linebackers have one working ACL between them. So much potential regression. You could hold a diving meet off my erection right now. BOINGGGGGGGGGG!

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