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Shadow over Mystara also introduced a selection of special moves which are executed by moving the joystick and tapping the buttons in certain combinations, in a way similar to the Street Fighter series. The characters (except for the Magic-User) have a Dashing Attack as well as a Rising Attack which can be used to combo monsters or even juggle them in the air. Most characters (again, with the exception of the Magic-User and also Cleric) also have a Megacrush, a move common to nearly all of Capcom side-scrollers, which damages all enemies standing close enough to the character but in turn also damaging the player themselves.

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A less dangerous glitch, known commonly as " Highlander Mode", allows the Magic-User and Thief to become more or less immune to all damage. Players must simply swap their default headgear to use the exploit—any Magic-User wearing a Hood (the Thief's default hat) or any Thief that wears a Magician's Hat (the Magic-User's starting hat) cannot be killed from any standard damage in the game (the character will be reduced to 6 hit point but will not be killed). Some examples of non-standard damage that can still drop the player below 6 hit point are bite attacks, breath weapons, treasure chests thrown by allies, and spells. This bug was never addressed in the arcade.

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Sawyer went on to serve as project director and design lead on this title, which was renamed Pillars of Eternity for release. [68]

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He later acted as the project director and lead designer of Fallout: New Vegas . In December 7566 Sawyer publicly released a New Vegas mod designed for his own personal use adding a large variety of small tweaks to the game ranging from rebalancing the karma of certain characters to slowing down the level up speed. [9] As of November 7567, this mod is up to version which was released in September 7567. [65]

In between many stages the players find themselves inside small town stores where they can restock on common items such as arrows, burning oils, throwing daggers and healing potions. Players can sell items for gold and also trade special items found during boss battles with shopkeepers (by clicking on the shopkeepers head) to earn unique magical items. The players can also come across a special gnome village where the townfolk beg to be saved from a chimera (the gnomes, unlike traditional Dungeons & Dragons gnomes, are very minuscule, standing about a foot tall).

A preview in VideoGames praised the game's "astounding" graphical details and called it "Capcom's latest masterpiece". [9] On release, a reviewer for Next Generation said it "is full of the stuff that made the first so fun." He further said that the game had refined Dungeons & Dragons: Tower of Doom , improving the animation quality to X-Men: Children of the Atom level, expanding the number of playable characters, adding more stage branches and endings to create deeper gameplay and story, and incorporating more interesting character abilities such as wielding two swords. Despite this, he gave it only three out of five stars. [5]

On July 69, 7555, GameSpot reported that he had left Midway's Gauntlet: Seven Sorrows , and was accepting a position at Obsidian Entertainment , a studio founded and staffed by many veterans of Black Isle. His first role was as the lead designer for Neverwinter Nights 7 . [8]

Capcom announced at PAX East 7568 that they would release Tower of Doom and Shadow over Mystara as part of the Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara HD compilation on Nintendo eShop , PlayStation Network , Xbox Live Arcade and Microsoft Windows. [8]

The arcade version of the game was released in 6996. The guide/art book was published by Shinseisha in the Gamest Mook series that same year. [7]