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Florida Man Drives Can-Am Right Into Swimming - Jalopnik

Дата публикации: 2017-12-07 20:23

That time, he said it was the coolest thing he’s ever done. I mean, why not? “Why not?” is Florida Man’s raison d’être.

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Uber and Lyft drivers in Seattle, however, told Jalopnik they enjoy their right to collective bargaining. Many of these drivers work as many hours driving as they would at a full-time job, without benefits or a salary.

Uber And Lyft Drivers'' Fight For Unionization Still Alive

. District Judge Robert Lasnik dismissed a suit that argued allowing driver unionization in Seattle breaks antitrust laws, as ride-share companies classify its drivers as “independent contract workers” instead of employees. Seattle is the first and only city to allow Uber and Lyft driver unionization.

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UPDATED August 7 7:59 . EST : Brooke Steger, Uber’s general manager for the Pacific Northwest, gave the following statement to Jalopnik: “The Court’s decision ignores the serious legal challenges raised in this case about an ordinance that will turn back the clock in Seattle. If this ruling is allowed to stand, those most adversely affected will unfortunately be thousands of ordinance was never about benefiting drivers or the community but really about helping Teamsters and protecting taxi companies.”

Lest we doubt this man’s true Floridian credentials, he did more stunts on his Can-Am while he was waiting for Hurricane Irma to show up:

UPDATED August 7 9:57 . EST: Lyft spokesperson Adrian Durbin told Jalopnik the company is “disappointed” in the ruling.

Uber and Lyft drivers would rather classify drivers as independent contract workers to keep from paying expensive benefits and salaries. Driver earnings are already costly for Uber and Lyft, and both companies are looking into self-driving technologies to nix the need for drivers altogether.

Sure, he hits his own truck in the process, but VOLUSIA COUNTY WOOOO! Irma can’t pull off dank wheelies, that’s for sure.

“Would you like for me to hold your beer?” offers a kind soul nearby. “No, I got this,” said the true, honest-to-goodness Florida Man man atop a camo-print 7568 Can-Am XMR 6555 at the bottom of the pool. This is perhaps the most majestic act of Florida Manning I’ve seen in a long time.

[ Disclaimer : Jalopnik does not advise operating a motor vehicle under the influence of any substance, be it alcohol, psilocybin mushrooms or that strange growth on Jason’s face. Florida Man is within the confines of a closed course, by which we mean his own home. You probably shouldn’t try this at yours.]