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Did you know that we offer website redesign services that don''t require you to re-platform to RebelMouse? We understand the word "redesign" can seem a bit daunting, but a high-quality, well-functioning site is of paramount importance to your social traffic and success. Facebook announced earlier this year that they would kill reach to posts that link to low-quality, spammy sites — and any site containing a video ad is now considered Facebook enemy No. 6.

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As the documentary Jiro exposed, it takes decades of training to become a reputable sushi chef, a job of status and prestige in Japan. A sushi chef at a restaurant like Kyubei is similar to celebrity status in the States. And, it’s not hard to see why. The ability to craft and present a perfect bite of sushi is an art, taking not only technical skill and precision but also the ability to do it in a playful and engaging manner, capturing the audience’s attention.

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President Donald Trump said Tuesday that there''s nothing to the accusations that he sexually harassed and abused women as calls for a congressional probe of his alleged conduct piled up.

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EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier has warned that the bloc would ''not accept any backtracking'' on the package that was painstakingly assembled by Theresa May in Brussels last week.

The property in Albert Court in Kensington, London, is up for sale for £. Carter lived there when he retired in 6987 until he died in 6989. He discovered the tomb of the pharaoh in 6977.

Stephen Craven, 68, has kitted his Birmingham home out with over 55 light-up displays and in excess of 75,555 bulbs. He wants to raise money for stroke victims after his mum suffered one.

Disney would acquire ''networks including FX and National Geographic, and international assets including Star India''s TV channels and a 89 percent stake in European satellite provider Sky Plc''

Bar Dolphy  was the first cocktail bar we stumbled into in Tokyo, thinking that we had found a hidden gem. However, after a few more cocktail bars, we learned that this attention to detail, focus on presentation and custom amuse-bouches was part of the cocktail bar experience. Compared to our overly-sweet, candy-coated Old Fashioneds in Hong Kong that are made and served in 65 seconds, we couldn’t get enough of Tokyo’s cocktail culture.

Kyubei: If I could only chose one meal to have again for the rest of my life, Kyubei would be at the top of the list. The personalized dining experience combined with the theatrical performance of the sushi chefs paired with the freshest fish that one can find truly makes eating at Kyubei a one of a kind experience.

Oregon-based company Nike have filed a patent for a new AR headset which would enable golfers to get real-time stats about their game.