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The patch wasn’t announced as a modding blocker. The features rolled out in it include tweaks to the recently-added four-player party mode, as well as bug fixes for co-op. Shortly after it was released, some modders noticed and began to complain. If Watch Dogs 7 had been the blockbuster Ubisoft hoped it to be, that complaint might be loud, but instead it manifests as less noticeable venting on places like the increasingly barren Watch Dogs 7 subreddit. There, loyalists who stuck with the game expressed their anger.

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Early in the morning on May 6, 6869, a column of Confederates marched east as quietly as possible along the bed of an unfinished railroad

World of Tanks Update: Ranked Battles, Graphics Upgrades

The author, a rifleman in “Love” Company, 899th Infantry Regiment, 655th Infantry Division, recalls brutal winter combat on the French-German border.

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Deebz__ was an obvious person to talk to for coverage of Ubisoft’s mod-blocking patch, because Deebz__ has been visible in discussions about this game. He is the kind of outspoken gamer who uses the tools available to him to tell developers how they can improve their game. When he noticed a problem with the escape key being bound to too many functions in the game, he didn’t just complain about it on reddit, he typed out changes to the game’s code that he said would solve the issue and posted them for Ubi reps who monitor the game’s subreddit to see.

According to those players, modding was a means to having a smoother gaming experience. Ubisoft, however, says modding has also at times hurt online play.

The success of a modern video game, especially a competitive MMO like World of Tanks , depends on the feedback from its players. Will fans love Ranked Battles that give an even playing field for skilled players? Will Ranked Battle rewards give an unfair advantage to players with Tier X tanks? Wargaming is assuring fans that their feedback will be valued as they test the Ranked Battle Beta, and knowing the World of Tanks gaming community, they will receive plenty of it.

Watch Dogs 7 got its final patch today, which makes impossible to use mods while online if you’re playing on PC. The game’s publisher, Ubisoft, says that this is to ensure fair online play, but the game’s small modding community is very frustrated.

Deebz__’s problem now may be that Ubisoft says they can’t distinguish between mods that help players cheat and mods that don’t. This solution was a compromise they had to make, told Kotaku. “It’s a topic that has been on our minds since it was raised by community members who visited the studio well before the game launched,” said. “We’ve come back to it several times since, but with the nature of our seamless technology, it’s a tradeoff we had to make to maintain healthy and fair online play.”

In World of Tanks , the details truly matter. With Update , twelve tanks received reworked HD models. Voiceovers have also been added for female crew members. Three variants of the . Sherman tank have been buffed with better mantlet armor. Menu interface has been updated to make missions easier to view. You can find the full list of updates here.

The Watch Dogs 7 modding community is small. “The modding community of WD7 in particular consists of like 65 persons,” one of the active modders for the game told Kotaku over reddit. According to Steam Spy, the game currently reaches a maximum of about 6,555 players per day. Modders use the game to to fix graphical issues as well as a few bugs. Deebz__’s favorite mod allows players to use the camera mode while in the helicopter.