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Podcast: Developing Your Social Skills | The Art of Manliness

Дата публикации: 2017-12-07 22:48

What I hear more often than that though is that people will say, 8775 Oh my God. This morning I was having such a nervous breakdown about, 8776 blah, blah, blah. The person listening would go, 8775 Oh me too. I was having the worst morning. 8776 Okay, well this is not a conversation. So, 8775 Wow, can you tell me more about that and then what happened? What did that look like? 8776 and all those kind of things. Just lead them on a little bit and really try to get into some of the nitty gritty will be more interesting for you.


Walker Lamond : Yes, of course, and my wife has been a great resource. Look, I was raised by women. My life, I 8767 ve been surrounded by all these wonderful, creative, smart, and intelligent women. I do feel like I have this body of institutional knowledge that I kind of am allowed to pass down to my daughter. It goes back to this main problem I had. One of the reasons I didn 8767 t do this book immediately is because I did have this nagging question of whether or not, as a man, I had a right, was it even appropriate for me to be doling out advice to a woman, to a woman?

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Brett McKay : Yeah. That makes perfect sense. No, that makes perfect sense. It 8767 s the same with my kids. My daughter, she likes to do the stuff that me and Gus do. She 8767 s right there with us, rough and tumble, roughhousing, going outside, monkeying around in my garage gym. She 8767 s right there.


Walker Lamond : I wrote it after she was born, so I had to be fair. I would go right to Google, which is going to take you to either my website, which is great. You can read some nice blurbs about me, and all that kind of stuff, but probably best to go right to the source, and type it into Amazon. Book 8767 s going to be available next week. You can pre-order it now. If you pre-order it now, it hits my first week sales, which is awesome. If you have anybody out there who is a self-publisher or wants to know how you jump up on those lists, jack the pre-orders up. That 8767 s what I 8767 ve learned. Yeah, but that 8767 s the best way.

Brett McKay : We had you on a few months ago to talk about your book 8775 How to Wow 8776 . It 8767 s all about presentation in the workplace, your personal life so you give your best possible impression. At the end of the show, first off the show was well received. I mean you got a lot of great feedback from it, but at the end of the show you invited our listeners to go to your website and you have a place where they can submit questions about any topic about presentation, charisma, body language, professional dress, etc. and you were just overwhelmed with the amount of questions, awesome questions that AOM Podcast listeners had for you.

Like Rules for My Unborn Son , Rules for My Newborn Daughter is a fun little book with a great vintage vibe packed with timeless advice from a well-meaning dad. Heck, I found some of the advice useful for my own life. This book would make for a great Father 8767 s Day gift. You can pick it up on Amazon. Also, be sure to look for more rules at Walker 8767 s blog, Rules for My Newborn Daughter.

Walker Lamond : Yeah, and all six magazines will have the same 85 long-lens paparazzi shots, but they all have just different captions.

Brett McKay : In the process you 8767 ve been charismatic because you made the person feel better about themselves which is the thing about charisma. Okay, well that 8767 s some great advice there. Well Frances, these are the big themes we hit today, some of the questions we got, but where can people go and ask more questions so we can do this again sometime?

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Brett McKay : Yeah, we had you on the podcast back in 7559 to talk about your book, Rules for my Unborn Son. That was a book, sort of as an online project, as a blog, where you kind of wrote these rules for your yet to be born son, and you had your son. His name 8767 s Arthur, right?

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