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Donald Trump Is Back to Pretending Russia Had - Gizmodo

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The GENESIS TRACE includes the WATER OH-H spectrum. It is clear that corona at 5 million miles from the sun reveals OH band spectrum.

Mike Pence Touches NASA Equipment Labeled ''Do - Gizmodo

These properties will be used on objects (Moon-planets and their moons- and near stars) in order to create prebiotics molecules.

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The refined materials will be brought from the ground to the future assembly stations by means of plasma motors, the main fuel of which will be the hydrogen obtained from the water extracted from the colonized soils.

AGuide to Isaac Asimov''s Essays

Some artificial satellites (made by humans, probes, therefore engines and spacecrafts) will come from the same plasma industry (High Temperature Chemistry)

It should be noticed that for colonized objects not having large atmospheric disturbances (above 655 km / h), the movement and missions with HELIOTORR gears will be easy.

Space Debris is considered by everybody as a serious danger for all international satellites organizations, communications and future Space Colonization.

There are other variables on the Moon or on other celestial objects that will depend on the advancement of our Technologies.

These Quantum Machines having as their raw material some "noble" gases and crystals can be easily moved to other celestial objects or orbital stations or spacecraft in the solar system and beyond.

Programs to detect objects such as asteroids are considered to be the most important in the prevention of risk, its qualification and grade.

The UV radiation of plasma machines installed in domes could serve as artificial UV sources for agronomic or biological areas.